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Testimonials and Clients

Course Testimonial:

"I have taken a number of courses with Tracy and consider her an excellent facilitator as well as being passionate about what she believes. She is able to communicate to the participant on their level. You come away from the course with personal insights into how to actually get on track with your life and not necessarily a “methodology” which is where I used to always go when learning new things.

She advocates, following the Spirit and recognizing the power within. You come away with the belief that it is possible to change and create the life that you want.

Tracy is always willing to take the time to explain whatever it is you do not understand. She is open minded, willing to listen to YOU, helps you become more aware of yourself and shows genuine compassion and care for others."

"While in session with Tracy, we were in a control room of sorts where there were many knobs and switches and I saw my subconscious mind turn on the dial that was thyroid…Now You need to understand that the medical world radiated my thyroid years ago from what they only knew at the time.

Since that time in hypnosis, not only is my thyroid functioning……I have never felt better in my life! This truly is the place miracles are just everyday occurance.

H.M. 2013 "

"I was pregnant with twins in 2013 and came to Tracy at Opening Doors to have Hypno Birthing done.I had 4 sessions with Tracy before the birth.On the night of the birth, not only did I remain calm, but I birthed my twin girls in less than 2 hours.

Thankful, Hailey D "

"I have been on a journey for sometime now and had been seeing a few psychiatrists and a psychologist, over a span of 4 years.I was given Tracys name through a friend who has been to see her a few times and had great results. I was so blown away at how fast and easy Hypnosis really is. I overcame my issue in only 2 sessions, that had not any resolve in the 4 years with my original route. Don’t just think about it do it!!!

Sara B 2014 "

"I and my husband had been trying to conceive for years, without success. The fertility specialists told us there was no reason for our unsuccess medically. A friend of mine who is an acupuncturist told me of Opening Doors. In session, which was only 1, Tracy guided me to the very route of where my belief came from of why I couldn’t conceive. I was 4 years old, had overheard my Grandma telling my Mom how “ You know ___________ sure looks a lot like Aunt Martha and you know she could never have kids” I was able to release that old limiting silly belief that I had no idea I believed and not even I month later I am pregnant and due in the new year!!! I will be doing hypno birthing with Tracy definitely!

Very pleased 2014 "

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