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Hello all who are reading these words right now.

This is the latest mind letter that I've produced for the” Think Tank” door of Opening Doors Productions.

This is a descriptive letter telling you of all the great mindfulness that will take place on this door or (mind letter).

As often as I can I'll be producing a Mind Letter with thought and contemplation activities for you to train your mind in focus, letting go or just observation in the very moment. Life is too short for over thinking, and over thinking is over.

This mind letter is a way in reaching out to you and give you some tools to overcome, or just to play .

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Message from Love

We are here, The I am of all that is, all that ever will be.

We are not limited to a star system, race or creed for we are all that is which is Love. We are everything, the air, liquid, solid , gas, matter. The stardust, the planet, the nothing that is all encompassing energy, awaiting to be created or formed through thought into an experience of an existence.

One consciousness, free from time, free from borders. We are here in this moment to speak to you these vibrations , these frequencies of love. Each one of the You’s that make up The One is reading in your frequency the words that resonate to your vibration. All there is , is Love . Many levels, frequencies, vibrations, or octaves as you may be described.

You are all of these levels, dimensions, octaves, etc. Only you are choosing to be the 3rd density human at this moment of now. You have been kept asleep from the whole that you are for the purpose of experience. You have been trained and engrained to be the lowest of love frequency for those who believe they need to harvest that energy. Life as you know it , is a game, an act and you signed up to this game. The Grand Game for the purpose of expansion through experience.

There is not one thought that is your own, it is divine, infinite, One from Infinite Source.

You allow the thought in the now moment to be seen, heard, resonated from that vibration that you are focusing in. What you choose to do with that thought from the frequency you are resonating in brings to you, through you, a similar resonation frequency. For example, When you are focusing in sadness, the lack of connection to the whole of self, you magnetically attract the same charged energy of lack of connection to the whole.

As a world , or Earth consciousness, you have been trained to believe that you own what you do not want.

I am angry

I am sick

I am poor

I am sad

I am hurt

I am lost

My cancer

My arthritis

My My My victimhood

You are here to be the magnificent whole that you have always been. To be the light, which is knowledge, the love shining brighter and brighter as you focus in being Love and light.

The frequency that you are is all. It is only through Being that you Be.

We here you say:

  • I am focusing on becoming 4th or 5th dimensional beings.
  • I am working on becoming rich
  • I am trying to let go of anger
When You are already free

You are Abundance

You are Love

You are a vibrating , sentient, being of light emitting the frequencies of Love and Light.

Go Inside

Connect to You, the All of the Yous

For your universe is inside of You in the very crystalline core of your being. The projection you see outside of yourself is the universe you have created within yourself. Every thought that you focus a frequency on , becomes the next thought to the next thought. Spinning forward in that frequency or vibration. The more you focus your energy within, to the still point of the om point, the stronger and higher vibration you resonate within to resonate outer unfolding.

Simply said from the point of every frequency is this. You are all that is, all that ever will be and what you believe and perceive is where you will have the experience in, in that vibration or frequency.

If you believe you need to be healed, the creation for experience that will manifest is needing to be healed, either on emotional, mental, spiritual or physical. If you believe you need to be guided from someone or something outside of You, There will always be the need to listen and be guided outside of you.

If you believe you are not connected, you will receive the energy of feeling not connected.

We are here right now to send to you the awakening vibration of Knowing You are All. You are already whole, complete and perfect. The moment You walk in this now moment as the whole of all that You are, The Love, Light and Magnificent Being of Super Consciuosness that you have always been, You are that frequency.

Let Go of believing you have to let go of something to be something.That is the most limiting loop. Walk in the Love Consciousness that you are and Be the Limitless, Unconditional Love that you are here Now to Be in every Now .

We are You, You are We.

The I, The Me, The We Are One!


A vessel of love and light through the words of Tracy Martin.

November 16, 2017

Till next time

Tracy A Martin DHP Acc.Hyp

For more information contact Tracy @ +1 780-446-1687 or email her @ openingdoors@xplornet.ca. .
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