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Personal Growth

Tracy Martin DHP Acc.Hyp

Tracy Martin is a Hypnotherapist and Personal growth coach, with over 20 years of experiences with public and public speaking.

Tracy facilitates with tools that give you the strength to help yourself overcome any obstacles that are keeping You, from your True potential.

Many of us struggle with day to day issues, that are deep seated in our subconscious mind, hidden from view to our conscious mind. It can take years with a psychotherapist, psychiatrist or psychologist to change what can be accomplished in as little as 2 sessions with an hypnotherapist.

Hypnotherapy is a completely confidential process between the therapist and client(s).Sessions range depending on the issue wanting to be resolved and the depth needed to resolve the issue of the client.

Each session takes between 1- 2 hours, although the first initial session can take up to 3, as we are doing the consultation at the same time.

Tracy's current price list is as follows:

  • Consultation... Free
  • Hypnosis session... $180+GST
  • Hypnobirthing... by consultation for each individual need
  • Workshops and Seminars... as posted for each
  • Individual life counselling... $150+GST
  • Couple, Family or Group life counselling... $200+GST
Personal Growth

Heidi Lou - Health and Fitness Guide

Heidi Lou
Heidi Lou is the newest member to Opening Doors Productions. She comes with years of experience in health and fitness as well as a nurse background.

Heidi’s fitness journey began for her approximately 4 year ago, after being fed up of being soft and out of shape. This smoker of 25 years decided to join the gym in order to help herself. Freeing her from smoking. Unexpectedly she became hooked on the gym and the feel good feelings there. Seeing changes not only in weight loss and muscle gain, but then sleeping better, a stronger immune system and the benefits of feeling healthy, strong and a new vitality. Her increased self-esteem and self-love now dramatically increased and she was then attracted to compete in body building.

She has learned so very much about health and nutrition, the difference of leaning out, muscle building and weight loss. She has a heart of compassion and is always eager to help others with their personal image around weight, health and fitness.

Heidi can help guide you with:

  • Meal planning
  • Fitness planning
  • Weight assessment
  • Personal fitness one on one trainer

Fees are under consult with each individual client.

For more information, please check out more of the doors to discover the many different hypnotherapy techniques, what hypnotherapy helps to resolve or change, and inform yourself of any upcoming events or retail that can enhance You.

To make an appointment call Tracy, 780-446-1687 or email openingdoors@xplornet.ca

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